Small business fleet management solutions

Save time, money and keep customers happy with Geotab.

Increase productivity with vehicle tracking

Know where your vehicles are at all times, See real-time location on a mapo and dispatch the nearest vehicle to a customer. Save time spent on admin with accurate driver start and end times records for payroll.

Easily manage vehicle maintenance

Keep vehicles in good shape and reduce the risk of break-downs on the road by tracking vehicle maintenance. Schedule vehicle maintenance reminders by time or distance, mileage or even engine hours.

Track fuel use and fill-ups and set rules for speeding and idling to keep costs down.

A fleet safety solution to reduce collisions

Stop unsafe and aggressive driving. Geotab’s fleet safety software automates driver coaching with customizable safety rules and audible in-vehicle alerts.

Coach drivers on harsh braking, sharp cornerning, over-acceleration, seat belt use and driving in reverse. If a collision does happen, know exactly what happened with MyGeotab collision reconstruction.

Power your business forward

Get what you need now, with room to grow.

Real-time vehicle tracking

Car or truck tracking with fast, precise updates.

Easy-to-use mobile app

See trends on vehicles and driving from your phone or tablet.

(iOS or Android)

End-to-end customer support

Online training, community support and live chat.

Engine health and

Detect issues early and set up proactive vehicle maintenance reminders.

Fuel trend reports

Identify fuel waste and reduce unproductive miles.

In-vehicle driver coaching

Deliver immediate feedback to drivers to enhance safety.

Accurate and affordable vehicle tracking

Manage your vehicles with leading technology. The powerful Geotab GO device monitors vehicle health, speeding, idling, and much more.

Geotab is ideal for all types of businesses, such as Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Plumbing, Landscaping, Pest Control, and Electrical.

Small business software to manage your vehicles

View a live map, see trends in fuel use, or check the maintenance history of a vehicle right from your phone. Easily set up rules for driving and get an alert when rules are broken.

Why small fleets choose Geotab

ABI research rated Geotab the #1 Commercial Telematics Provider worldwide, two years in a row.

More reasons to choose Geotab:

  • Easy-to-use vehicle tracking technology
  • Geotab Marketplace of integrated software apps and hardware add-ons
  • End-to-end business support network for all your needs
  • Flexible, open platform that grows with you
  • Robust cybersecurity and data protection