curb driver distraction

How NoCell works

The NOCELL® app enables custom policy enforcement and limits driver distraction caused by mobile device usage. Our unobtrusive NOCELLtag™ creates the NOCELL Zone to disable unauthorized apps.

The NOCELL app on the driver’s device interfaces with the NOCELLtag and removes distracting apps from the phone when company policy parameters are triggered.

fleets trust nocell

Whether you’re a local florist with three delivery vans, a government fleet, or a multi-national shipping conglomerate with thousands of vehicles —

protecting your drivers and your company is paramount.

NOCELL helps you do both with a fully customizable turn-key solution, and app-specific disabling technology to keep your drivers focused on driving.

You set the policy.

nocell key features

  • Scales for commercial fleets of 2 to 10k+ vehicles
  • Authorized apps to balance safety with productivity
  • Alerts for phone handling and unauthorized devices
  • Proactively removes the cell phone distraction