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Product Description

Protect your fleet with the Surfsight AI-12! Powered by AI and Machine Vision, Surfsight automatically detects, and alerts distracted driver behavior and harsh driving incidents in real time, addressing the leading cause of preventable accidents.

Equipped with high-definition road-facing and cabin-facing cameras, Surfsight captures the drive, providing fleets with on-demand video view and video evidence retrievals while seamlessly integrated into Geotab – the world’s #1 telematics platform.



  • High-definition road-facing and cabin-facing cameras
  • IR for clear night vision in cabin
  • Built-in sensors and cameras powered by AI and Machine Vision
  • Built-in speaker and display for audio and visual coaching
  • On-demand video retrievals and live view from Geotab cloud
  • Available with a tamper proof case
  • Turn any Geotab rule into a video event
  • Stream live video simultaneously from the road and driver



  • Improve safety with real-time alerts from harsh driving incidents
  • Reduce accidents with AI detecting distracted drivers
  • Reduce claims & insurance cost with live video evidence stored in the cloud
  • Improve operation visibility with on-demand video footage retrieval
  • Engaging employees in improving safety with data on driving behavior
  • Provide instant assistance and assess damages from the field in real-time with live video
  • Integrated seamlessly with the Geotab cloud platform, displaying vehicle video at your fingertips
  • 10-minute vehicle installation



Tech Available: Live stream, Dual IR, Distracted Driver detect Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity for more cameras

Available Models: Forward and Rear facing dual cam w/IR Optional cameras for Wi-Fi expandability

Video Availability:

  • Live Stream
  • Event-based
  • 30-day backup

Input Voltage: 5V 2amp

Operating Temperature: -10° to +85° C

Installation Methods Available:

  • Hardwire fuse harness (included).
  • OBD2 plug and play (sold separately)

Available Accessories: Wireless cameras (sold separately)

Video Quality:

  • HD 1080p road facing
  • 720p driver facing

Video Storage/Retrieval Method: Uploaded to server and up to 128GB SD card 


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Surfsight AI-12 ‏(Dash Camera)

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