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LYTX Surfsight
The next Step in Fleet Safety

AI Powered Video Telematics offers fleets of all sizes a powerful platform to save lives and reduce safety related costs. The AI-12 Cloud Connected Dashcam captures road and cabin simultaneously to detect distracted drivers and dangerous driving events. Instant access to Live Video, Video Events and Recordings to quickly view and investigate driving incidents.

What can Surfsight do for you?

     Keep your drivers and vehicles safer while streamlining your day-to-day operations and reducing costs. Our Surfsight® solution provides valuable video insights and advanced risk detection tools to help improve fleet safety and efficiency.
     The innovative technology in the Surfsight dash cam, powered by Lytx®, uses robust machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI)† to proactively detect and mitigate risk. Help reduce risk with a proven approach that has helped hundreds of thousands of drivers navigate millions of miles safely for more than 25 years.
     Our solution is easy to use, accessibly priced, and works for any vehicle class. We help you jumpstart fleet safety and protect your bottom lines with the Surfsight device.


Where smart meets simple

Busy fleet managers need smart yet simple solutions to capture valuable data and gain insights. Provide the safety tools your clients need to help protect fleets and drivers. The Surfsight device is powered by advanced technology, yet is easy to install and intuitive to use, making it an ideal choice for fleets of all sizes. See how incorporating video into a fleet can help improve driver safety, increase efficiency, and streamline operations.

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