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The AI-powered fleet management platform 

Unlock actionable insights and recommendations to boost fleet efficiency, safety and sustainability. Powered by AI and data intelligence

Track your company vehicles and save like a Pro with Geotab

Can-Am Telematics is the premier Geotab reseller for vehicle tracking & fleet management software in the cloud.


Know where your company vehicles are 24/7

Through real-time track & trace

Save up to 20% on fuel and maintenance cost

By monitoring and analyzing driving behavior

Easy integration with existing software and hardware 

With Geotab marketplace 200+ solution provider 


"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

Mark Twain

Discover the Geotab | Can-Am Telematics Advantage

Choose Geotab | Can-Am Telematics for the most comprehensive and scalable fleet management platform on the market. Here's what sets us apart: 

Open platform
Allows seamless integration with existing fleet management systems and custom solutions from third-party developers.



Scalable to support fleets of any size and can be expanded as your business grows.

Comprehensive data collection

Geotab facilitates the collection of customer-owned data from vehicles, drivers and other sources to provide a complete view of fleet performance.

Rich Database

Maintaining the highest-quality vehicle database, built over 22 years, we continuously unlock new value for our customers.

Data Intelligence
Geotab enables better-informed decisions by analyzing data from 3.6 million connected vehicles and providing insights and recommendations powered by AI and advanced analytics.

Focus on sustainability

Solutions to reduce your carbon footprint – track and reduce fuel consumption and get fleet electrification support.

Put connected fleet intelligence to work to drive business outcomes 

Reduce Cost

Automate processes and be proactively alerted to opportunities to lower costs, work smarter, and optimize productivity and uptime for a better bottom line.

  • Leverage efficiency insights and accurate fuel tracking 

  • Increase route and dispatch productivity

  • Maximize vehicle uptime with predictive maintenance

24/7 Support


Enhance Safety

We recognize your employees are your company’s greatest asset. Our driver-focused and fully customizable solutions prioritize their well-being while minimizing risk and improving safety – on both sides of the wheel. 

  • Leverage AI video-based safety intelligence

  • Use rules and alerts to deliver in-vehicle driver coaching 

  • Reconstruct collisions to understand what happened

  • Cut commercial fleet insurance premiums with safe driving data

Advance Sustainability

Reveal insights from real-world data to help reduce your fleet’s emissions and costs while improving operational efficiency. 

  • Benchmark, track and report fleet CO2 emissions

  • Target factors contributing to excess fuel use

  • Cut emissions where EVs do the job for less


Leverage AI Advantage

Move to action faster and make confident decisions with advanced automated insights and AI-driven predictions.

  • Gain proactive safety, efficiency and risk insights

  • Improve driver retention and eliminate pain points

  • Identify potential for future fleet and infrastructure planning 

Expand Value

Regardless of what you are tracking, expand value easily with seamless integrations or do it your way with our developer SDK and APIs.

  • Manage OEM connected vehicles and mixed fleets in one place  

  • Integrate any third-party device, camera, asset and more

  • Leverage APIs for real-time data and synchronization

  • Build your own custom applications 


Surfsight AI-12 Dashcam

  • LIVE View streaming capabilities of the road and driver simultaneously

  • Distracted Driver Detection with facial recognition technology that works during the day or night

  • AI Driver Assistance provides real-time audio feedback and visual warnings for dangerous driving events

  • Connect up to 3 auxiliary cameras for side and rear views

  • On-Demand Video retrieval from the Geotab cloud

  • Parking Mode: Built-in battery automatically turns the camera on when sensing harsh movement like vehicle break-ins

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