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Are EVs the right fit for your fleet?

Are you worried about the feasibility of electrifying your medium- or heavy-duty fleet vehicles?

Our Geotab research, which is based on real-world data from 520,000 North American internal combustion engine trucks, finds that, even on their longest driving days, the majority of vehicles in both classes are within the range capabilities of today’s EVs:

  • 58% of locally operating Medium Duty trucks never exceed 200 miles a day.

  • 46% of locally operating Heavy Duty trucks never exceed 200 miles a day.

Long dwell times of at least 12 hours and 10 hours a day for medium-duty and heavy-duty respectively (excluding Long Distance vocations), mean that both vehicle classes have good charging opportunities.

  • Are dedicated to shorter, predictable routes (such as buses or refuse trucks)

  • Encounter frequent stop-and-go conditions

  • Have a return-to-base duty cycle

  • Are used on site (such as forklifts or ground support equipment)

That’s why vehicles primarily used for local services or last-mile delivery are prime candidates for switching. EVs’ regenerative braking, in which the slowing vehicle’s momentum is captured and reused, is particularly attractive for vehicles that stop frequently. In fact, EVs are most efficient during stop-and-go conditions. Regenerative braking also reduces wear and tear on the brakes themselves. 

Though EV ranges are growing, fleets also need to consider the charging infrastructure. Vehicles that travel long distances in remote areas, such as those used on many oil and gas sites, may not have reliable access to EV chargers. Hybrids can offer a good alternative for these vehicles. 

However, many fleets can easily install the necessary chargers in a central lot, especially if their vehicles “return to base” each day. The Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit may reimburse 30% of the cost of these chargers, depending on your fleet’s eligibility. Many state and local incentives are also available, with many more proposed. 

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